BV Angled Abutment hover image

BV Angled Abutment

Product IDDescription333010Angled abutment, Mini, Hex(A type)Φ 4.5mm,  GH 2mm333020Angled abutm..


BV Multi-Angled Abutment 17° ,Φ4.8mm hover image

BV Multi-Angled Abutment 17° ,Φ4.8mm

Product IDDescription337130BV Multi Angled Abutment, Mini(A type)17°, Φ4.8mm, GH2.5mm337140BV Multi ..


BV Multi-Angled Abutment 30° ,Φ4.8mm hover image

BV Multi-Angled Abutment 30° ,Φ4.8mm

Product IDDescription337160BV Multi Angled Abutment, Mini(A type)30°, Φ4.8mm, GH3.5mm337170BV Multi ..


BV Multi-straight Abutment Φ4.8mm hover image

BV Multi-straight Abutment Φ4.8mm

Product IDDescription337010BV Multi Abutment, MiniΦ4.8mm, GH1mm337020BV Multi Abutment, MiniΦ4.8mm, ..


BV Temporary Abutment hover image

BV Temporary Abutment

Product IDDescription371010BV Temporary Abutment, Hex, MiniΦ4.0mm, GH1mm371020BV Temporary Abut..


BV Transfer Abutment hover image

BV Transfer Abutment

Product IDDescription331010Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH1mm, H5.5mm331020Transfer abutment, Mini..


BV Mini Healing Abutment hover image

BV Mini Healing Abutment

Product IDDescription323010Healing abutment, MiniΦ 4.0mm,  H 3mm323020Healing abutment, MiniΦ 4..


BV Mini/Regular Equator Healing Abutment ,Φ 4.0mm hover image

BV Mini/Regular Equator Healing Abutment ,Φ 4.0mm

Product IDDescription325010Equator Healing abutment, Mini/RegularΦ 4.0mm,  H 4mm325020Equator H..


BV Regular Healing Abutment hover image

BV Regular Healing Abutment

Product IDDescription324010Healing abutment, RegularΦ 4.0mm,  H 3mm324020Healing abutment, Regu..


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