BV Angled Abutment hover image

BV Angled Abutment

Product IDDescription333010Angled abutment, Mini, Hex(A type)Φ 4.5mm,  GH 2mm333020Angled abutm..


BV Multi-Angled Abutment 17° ,Φ4.8mm hover image

BV Multi-Angled Abutment 17° ,Φ4.8mm

Product IDDescription337130BV Multi Angled Abutment, Mini(A type)17°, Φ4.8mm, GH2.5mm337140BV Multi ..


BV Multi-Angled Abutment 30° ,Φ4.8mm hover image

BV Multi-Angled Abutment 30° ,Φ4.8mm

Product IDDescription337160BV Multi Angled Abutment, Mini(A type)30°, Φ4.8mm, GH3.5mm337170BV Multi ..


BV Multi-straight Abutment Φ4.8mm hover image

BV Multi-straight Abutment Φ4.8mm

Product IDDescription337010BV Multi Abutment, MiniΦ4.8mm, GH1mm337020BV Multi Abutment, MiniΦ4.8mm, ..


BV Transfer Abutment hover image

BV Transfer Abutment

Product IDDescription331010Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH1mm, H5.5mm331020Transfer abutment, Mini..


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